Notes on Motion, 2018
Three-channel sound installation
22 min
In Whose Eyes?, Beaconsfield Gallery, London

Notes on Motion (2018) is a three-channel sound installation that consists of three mounted speakers freely placed on the gallery floor. From the speakers, one hears the artist’s voice begin a dramatic monologue, beginning with a reference to a photograph of a dancing body. We see neither the photograph in question, nor the body. There is thus a feeling of disembodiment: one perhaps owing to the format of the work, but perhaps implied also by deeper, theoretical issues involving body and gender.

Accompanying the sound installation is a print-out of the text in written form, which was published in Art Licks magazine in 2018. The monologue does not appear to be arranged by theme or chronology, but instead by the logic of poetry. Like Roland Barthes’s Camera Lucida, which plays a role in the piece, Notes on Motion comprises a deep personal meditation on the emotional effects that a picture leaves its spectator.